This page presents just a few selected titles published recently.
More titles published earlier will be placed in this list shortly.

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon is a story of a Dutch-born Australian who cast off his European roots to begin  a new life in Australia. Arriving in 1951 with the required £100 landing money, a family, an innate merchant flair and an indomitable will to succeed, he single-handedly built from the ground a business that laid the solid foundation for what has become the largest importing and marketing business of international food brands in Australia. Simon Manassen was born in 1920 in The Netherlands. His parents were Jewish wholesale and retail meat traders and being the firstborn son it was expected of Simon...

Out of Adversity

In 2002, this book received the Alexander Henderson Award from the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies in Victoria for the best family history published in Australia and submitted for the award. The book traces eight full generations of the Body family over 300 years, and documents their movements all over Britain and eastern Australia, based on the recurring theme that opportunities are sometimes    born out of adversity. The story moves from its beginnings in Devon in 1700 to London proper, where, in 1849, the central character Frederick Body is convicted of forgery and transported to NSW on the ship Hashemy. Frederick Body’s sons then move...
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