Page Layout & Formatting

Once your manuscript is finalised, you basically have two options:

1. Supply print-ready PDF files for your text and cover  
2. Supply a Word file from which we format your page layouts   

1. Supply print-ready PDF file 

Depending how computer savvy you are, you can choose this option. It is certainly the most economical as you don’t have to pay someone to format your text, however there are issues which need to be taken into account and certain parameters which need to be followed. You will also need PDF-creating software which you can purchase and download from the internet.

2. Supply a Word file ready for Formatting 

This is the option most of our clients choose which gives them the satisfaction of knowing that their book will be completed rather than sitting in the bottom drawer gathering dust. Pictures can be supplied as prints or already scanned and we place them in the text as required.

3. Preliminary Pages

When preparing your page layouts we also include preparation and insertion of the preliminary pages. These are:

Title page
Imprint page