Minipublishing’s Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Getting started is just a phone call away. Contact Minipublishing to arrange a free one-hour consultation with us where we will answer your questions, including many you probably haven’t thought of!  

What will my book look like?

Your book will have the same professional finish as any published through a mainstream publishing house. You can see sample books here.

Can I choose the format of my book?

During your free one-hour consultation, we will discuss with you the different formats available, such as size, cover and binding types, and suggest how best to present your material.

Can you help with the design and layout of my book, including the cover?

Absolutely! Minipublishing will provide several sample page layouts from which to choose the typeface and layout for your book. If you have a design concept in mind, Minipublishing will work with you to develop that into a great cover in either black and white or colour. Alternatively, a brand new cover design can be created for you. 

Can you help with Indexing?

If you need indexing for your book Minipublishing can provide this too. This is normally done in conjunction with Minipublishing providing the formatting of the text which enables the indexing facility to be used.

How should I send my manuscript to you?

Digital format is best; however, if you only have handwritten material, don’t worry. This can easily be converted to digital. Minipublishing can do the conversion for you or provide instructions on how to do it yourself.

Can my manuscript be proofread or edited?

Minipublishing provides proofreading and editing services where your manuscript is proofread and/or edited using MS Word’s Track Changes facility. All corrections or recommendations are highlighted for you to see and accept or reject. 

What about photographs?

Photographs can be presented as prints or in digital format. Using your prints, we can scan them, enhance and/or repair them if required then insert them into the text for you. If you are scanning your own pictures we can provide advice on how best to do this.

How much will it cost?

After your free one-hour consultation, we will provide you with a written quote, explaining in detail what we will do for you, how long the process will take and also what we need from you (such as sending us your prepared material).

How many copies can I have printed?

Minipublishing can produce however many you need from a few copies to several thousand copies.

What makes Minipublishing different from other self-publishing services?

The Minipublishing difference is all about personalised service that combines passion and commitment for the work with unrivalled expertise.

We know what our clients go through in writing their books. We’ve seen what they’ve invested emotionally and often financially in order to get their projects ‘across the line’. And when that precious manuscript is entrusted to us, we ensure it is nurtured and transformed into a beautifully constructed volume. 

How long will the whole process take?

Every book is unique and time frames can vary. However, an estimated time of completion is provided with each quote.

Will I retain the copyright of my book? 

Yes. As a self-publisher, copyright remains with you. You also retain all profits and incur any losses associated with the work.

Can Minipublishing help me to sell my book? 

Minipublishing can provide helpful information about marketing and distribution of your book; however, does not provide these services directly.