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Do you have a story to tell?

It’s been said that everybody has a book inside them just waiting to come out. If your ‘inner book’ is now ready to be set free, you’re in the right place. 
Minipublishing provides Comprehensive Services for self-publishers – taking your raw unpublished work and transforming it into a professionally bound, beautifully finished book.


Why self-publishing?

There are several reasons why people choose self-publishing:

  •   For many, it’s a means of preserving their family history for future generations or to share their memories with family and friends. 
  •  Some see it as a way to become a published author without waiting for a mainstream publishing house to call.
  •  Clubs and organisations find it a cost-effective way to celebrate an important milestone in their history and to raise funds at the same time.   
  •  Self-publishing is also a cost-effective business tool for building credibility and establishing authority in one’s field of expertise.

“Whatever the motivation, self-publishing is ultimately about sharing stories.” 

We at SilverDot Minipublishing have had the privilege of helping people share their stories for over twenty years now. 

Each book is different but always created with our commitment to excellence. And it’s that commitment which translates into a finished product of the highest quality.  

•  Imagine the looks on the faces of family and friends when they see your book in print for the very first time.

•  How will you feel when you see all your blood, sweat and tears finally come to fruition?

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Family Histories                                                                                            

You’ve invested an enormous amount of time and effort researching, collecting and piecing together the fragments that make up your family’s unique story … your story.  
Now, with SilverDot Minipublishing’s expertise and uncompromising commitment to excellence, create a lasting record of your family’s history that will remain a treasured reference volume for generations.                                


When you’re ready to share the tapestry of your life’s journey with the world, Minipublishing will turn that precious manuscript into a professionally presented work. 
We can provide proofreading and editing services as well as guidance on layout and photo placement.
After all, a life well lived deserves to be celebrated in print! 


Truth is often so much more interesting than fiction, which means biographical works can be very entertaining to read and to write. 
And with today’s technology, publishing that remarkable story has never been easier. Minipublishing has the expertise to guide you through the whole process from start to finish. 


Creativity is like a life force that cannot be repressed. It inspires and motivates. It compels expression. It embraces passion and when unleashed, produces magic.
As a poet you know what this means and with Minipublishing’s help your creative force can be immortalised in print. 


Budding author? Why wait for the nod from a big publishing house when you can self-publish your own book? Minipublishing can produce the number of copies you need to ‘get your work out there’.

Club Histories

Showcase the history of your club or organisation in a professionally printed book that you will be truly proud of. Minipublishing can provide guidance on layout and placement of images as well as editing the text.

Celebratory editions

Has your business or organisation reached a milestone? What better way to capture the glory than in an exclusive printed account of the event? Self-publishing is a cost effective way to provide a lasting record of achievements for everyone involved and to help raise funds for your organisation.

Presentation books

Special events, a life remembered, a showcase of work. Put it all together in a presentation book exclusively published by … you!

SilverDot Minipublishing has the expertise and resources to help you create a presentation book that will be appreciated for years to come.

There really is nothing like seeing your work in print. If you’re ready to take the next step and would like to discuss your projectContact Us!