For the Love of Grace

by Pam Bayfield

Published: 23/07/2012

ISBN: 978-0-9579760-7-8

For the Love of Grace by Pam Bayfield

Grace Pemberton is loved by two men, one her husband Charles and the other Ralph Cooper, her husband’s business partner. As a young married woman with two small children Grace is convinced to come to old Sydney Town in the year 1857 on the clipper, the Catherine Adamson. Good fortune shines down on them as Grace’s family is spared the disaster that beset the ship entering Sydney Harbour with more than half the lives lost.
Grace is then pursued by Ralph as he has fallen hopelessly in love with her. She does everything to quell his ardour. Ralph is in a loveless marriage and never gives up trying to win Grace’s heart. Eventually Grace and Charles grow apart and this throws Grace into Ralph’s clutches and she finally succumbs. Their actions have dire consequences for the next generation. The story follows the twists and turns of Grace’s life in the
colony and she ends up living in Manly.
For the Love of Grace covers the period from the 1850s to the 1890s in The Rocks and Manly with journeys to the fledgling suburb of Newport.

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