Services for Self-Publishers

Services for Self-Publishers

SilverDot Minipublishing offers comprehensive services for self-publishers which can be ordered as a complete set or separately, as required. For example, many authors bring print-ready manuscripts (or, at least, they believe so…) – in this case neither proofreading nor formatting are required. Indexing is applicable mostly to scientific and research writing although sometimes fiction authors wish to have their characters’ names and places to be indexed.

Whether the complete set of services is utilised or only selected ones, we use flexible approach and offer unlimited advice at all stages of production.

Services for self-publishers: Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading & Editing

Nothing detracts more from the quality of a book than poor spelling and grammar. Unfortunately, it is difficult for authors to see their mistake as they tend to get used to them and stop seeing them. A fresh eye is needed and we can lend it to you!
As a part of our Services for self-publishers, we will check your manuscript for spelling, grammar and style consistency. It is in our interests to make your book the best it could be.
All changes will be done using change tracking feature of MS Word so you will be able to review them, either accepting or rejecting the suggested changes.

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Services for self-publishers: Page Layout & Formatting

Page Layout & Formatting

Our page layout gives our clients the satisfaction of knowing that their book will be completed rather than sitting in the bottom drawer gathering dust. Pictures can be supplied as prints or already scanned and we place them in the text as required.
Note that this service can be used completely out of book-publishing context. Many university students and researchers often struggling with formatting their papers while submitting them to journals for publication. Requirements are often quite complicated and it is best to leave it to the professionals!

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Services for self-publishers: Indexing


Assuming we prepare the page layouts for you, we can also provide indexing. This can be as detailed or as basic as you want. Most indexes refer only to names of people and places.

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Services for self-publishers: Cover Design

Cover Design

From your ideas we can design your book cover, providing three draft concepts from which you choose your preferred option. This is then worked on to incorporate what you like in the way of colour, layout, fonts etc. until you are happy with the look. The cover is a vital part of the book in its presentation to the reader and wider audience.  
Due to technical peculiarities of production process, often specific to particular printing company and always dependent on the type of binding, it is practically impossible for self-publishers to produce a print-ready book cover file. The final version therefore is always prepared by us.

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Services for self-publishers: ISBN & Barcode

ISBN & BarCode

As a part of our Services for self-publishers, we can obtain an ISBN and the corresponding barcode for you and then insert into the appropriate positions in the text and cover. in Australia, the official agency issuing ISBNs is Thorpe-Bowker and it is not always practical for individuals to maintain an account with it. Even when an author wishes to be an official owner of ISBN, we can assist with keeping all technical details in order.

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Services for self-publishers: Printing & Binding

Printing & Binding

From 10 copies to 10,000 copies we can print your book in black or CMYK. We also provide the options of section sewing, perfect binding, hard cover and soft cover copies.
Hard cover copies can be bound in book cloth, bound with a PLC (paper laminated cover) or presented with a dust jacket.

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Services for self-publishers: Legal Deposit

Legal Deposit

If your book has an ISBN, you are required to deposit copies with National and State Libraries in Australia. As a part of our Services for self-publishers, we take care of this as well.

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Services for Readers

Although our main business is providing services for self-publishers who, after publication, are fully responsible for sales and distribution of their books, we often receive enquiries from readers who are interested in purchase of certain books published by us.

We do not keep stock of published books(apart from one or two copies kept as samples) and therefore normally are not able to sell the books to general public which would violate copyright laws anyway. However, sometimes we might be able to assist in establishing contact between prospective buyers and authors leaving them to negotiate a potential transaction.