Getting Started with Self-Publishing


We have been providing assistance to self-publishers since 1998 and during this time have helped produce many titles in a whole range of different categories.

Our emphasis is on carefully guiding people through the various steps involved in publishing a book and ensuring that the book retains its author’s style and personality.

If you are seriously considering self-publishing, we suggest that a meeting with us earlier rather than later in your project timetable would be time well spent.


The initial consultation is provided free of charge (valued at $250) and provides the opportunity to assess what needs to be done to achieve your goals.
Before you come you need to consider:

Is the book purely for the family?
Is the book for a club or organisation celebrating a milestone in their history?
Do I want to publish for mainstream readers?
Do I need editing or proofreading help?
Do I need help with page layout & design?
How many copies do I need?
What size should it be? 
What type of binding do I want?
Is Indexing required?
Is there a family tree or timeline to be included in the book?  


Our discussion will determine:

Book size & quantity
Layout & design
Picture reproduction & placement 
Binding options (see samples)
Indexing requirements
ISBN requirements 
Marketing & distribution options  


Following our discussion we can provide you with a quotation and you will be able to determine which of the following services you need:

Proofreading & Editing
Page Layout
Cover design
ISBN & Barcode applications
Printing & Binding
 Legal Deposit

 If you would like an online quotation click here

Self-Publishing Book samples