Just a Chattel of the Sale

by Peter Golding

Published: 11/02/2004

ISBN: 0-646-43311-3

Just a Chattel of the Sale

When Peter Golding was first given the task of writing a daily column in the Melbourne Argus his aim, as he recounts in this book, was “to make it light, amusing, topical… a pleasant interlude before facing up to the politics and other crimes in the day’s news; something easy to digest with the corn flakes or help to relieve the boredom of the train, bus or tram ride to work”.
This retrospect of his life isn’t of course topical nor is it suggested that it could share space with the sugar and milk on the breakfast table but in his approach to it he has in a sense followed the same sort of philosophy. The book is light and amusing and it is easy to digest with or without cornflakes and it could be OK reading on public transport on the way to work if, of course, you could get a seat.
The author doesn’t pretend that Just a Chattel of the Sale is more than a nostalgic stroll down his own particular memory lane. Fortunately for him, and hopefully for the reader, on the way the stroll was enlivened by bumping into some interesting people and having some interesting experiences.
He hopes you enjoy the stroll.

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