Toward Undreamed Shores

by Bruce P Watt

Published: 29/05/2021

ISBN: 978-0-6481075-8-3

This book aims to challenge the reader to reflect upon their very personal journey toward Eternity. The premise is that, whether we make a definite decision now or later in life, if time allows, each of us has to make that decision, whether we wish to or not. There is no avoiding our final appointment with destiny.  Each must face it.

As the author now reaches his retirement years, time is slipping by with ever-increasing rapidity. He is regularly challenged to think about his own mortality, what constitutes a good life and finishing well and what it means to leave a personal legacy. Taking this and many other aspects of life into account, readers are challenged to determine how they wish to be remembered. What constitutes leaving a personal legacy.

Drawing on a lifetime of many of the author’s rich and colourful experiences arising from many years in senior management positions and travelling the world, the reader is taken on a journey of prose, humour and thought-provoking content, covering many subjects such as the redeeming power of forgiveness and how life-changing it can be simply to let things go. Other subjects such as the value of bucket lists and living one’s life with purposeful intent are examined in detail.

The author’s conservative Christian views on life, and very firm commentary on current political developments  and contemporary issues are also mixed in, with lots of humour and thought-provoking quotes.

Shakespeare penned in a Winter’s Tale the idea of sailing to “unpathed waters” and “toward undreamed shores.” This concept forms the underlying backdrop as readers consider sailing through their life to their final Eternal destination.

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