Recipes & Reminiscences

by Katrina E. Horman

Published: 22/12/2017


Recipes & Reminiscences

In 1950, my grandparents, Frieda and Stephen Chambers, retired to Makaria, their new home built at Ferny Creek in the Dandenong Ranges. Both avid gardeners, they were attracted to the potential of this fertile bush environment shadowed by the towering trees of the bordering Sherbrooke Forest.
With their capacious vision, enthusiasm and sheer determination, the house and garden evolved as a labour of deep love and a persuasive inspiration for all who were to visit – especially their six grandchildren. This was a magical place – a place full of vibrant connection and close involvement with the surrounding flora and fauna, of colourful experiences, of unforgettable celebration; a place that remains at the heart of our family spirit and soul – and the pivot of our childhood memories.
This book offers insight into the wonderment of Makaria, and the strong bond of connectedness and passion engendered for those who were so fortunate to share intimately in this unique and special world; one of stimulated imagination, created art and craft, and congenial friendship; always mixed with plenty of good food, laughter, music and storytelling. I share these understandings from heartfelt personal affection, and for posterity – for the enlightenment and pleasure of future generations.| Katrina Elisabeth Horman
November 2017

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