Mankind in the Web of Life

by Mark Weatherley

Published: 15/11/2022

ISBN: 978-0-6456142-1-3

The state of our world demands our attention. The effects of climate change are with us. The threat of nuclear catastrophe is ever-present. The number of us sharing our planet’s surface has increased threefold during the last seventy-five years and now tests our planet’s capacity to sustain us all. Biological diversity has long been in decline and its decline continues. The source of all these problems and more is plain for all to see — human activity.
But why have we humans brought these problems on ourselves and on all life? This book attempts to find answers to that question and finds them in the nature of mankind itself. People living a hunter-gatherer way of life respect and conserve the natural world around them. The majority of recent and present generations through the successful application of a succession of technologies — use of fire, domestication of animals and plants, ever-more complex tools, etc. have through natural selection evolved the mental characteristics of intelligence and personality favourable to the manipulation of nature and lost those characteristics that inclined us toward the conservation of nature.
The author, Mark Weatherley, describes this process of psychological evolution step-by-step and supports it with his knowledge and experience of the aspects of Psychology involved. He goes on to describe how the attitude of modern mankind toward nature is reflected in our social manifestations — languages, religions, work, militarism, population growth, relations with other species, nature conservation, and government.

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