For the Love of Grace: The Aftermath

by Pam Bayfield

Published: 05/07/2021

ISBN: 978-0-6481075-7-6

Grace, the great granddaughter of Grace Pemberton is devastated when her husband Joe enlists in World War 11 along with other young men in the family. How proud would the grand matriarch be of the fighting spirit of Michael, Rebecca’s son who joined the RAAF and fought in the Battle of Britain along side Jeremy, his younger cousin. James and Luke join the navy and served for the duration of the war.

               Tragically Steve, brother of younger Grace is killed at Tobruk, saving Joe’s life. The fighting of our Australian soldiers transfers to New Guinea and Joe finds himself on the Kokoda Track where his mates are being killed or taken sick with the various diseases rife in the area. Joe succumbs to malaria and has to be lifted out of this dangerous position. He doesn’t want to return to the fighting having already been injured seriously in the African campaign and now again in New Guinea. What does he do for the duration of the war?

               Great celebrations in Sydney and all around Australia erupt when finally the war is over. What will these young men do with the rest of their lives? What have the women been doing whilst their loved ones were away? Who finds love with a former lover from his past?

               How life changes after the war and our characters rejoice in the new world. Grace is able to return to her chosen field of architecture.  Laura and her husband John return from giving service as doctors at Rocky Creek hospital on the Tablelands in Queensland. A double wedding is planned and life moves on from the tumultuous years of the war.

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