A Word to the Wise

by Bruce P Watt

Published: 12/02/2020

ISBN: 978-0-6481075-6-9

After a career in various professional and senior management roles within a large international IT company and having enjoyed a life, thus far, full of rich personal experiences, crossing paths with some fascinating people, the author decided to publish a small collection of his own speeches, articles, incidental writings and other “blatherings” along the way. The intention of this book is to provide the reader with examples of the author’s humour, taking the form of a variety of speeches in many differing venues, to a wide selection of different audiences. Hopefully, the reader will enjoy a snicker or two. Also included are a number of speeches written by friends or relatives of the author, either about him personally or related to circumstances where he was working at the time. The most important aspect of speech making for the author is preparing a speech and putting in the effort, no matter how informal or short the item may be, to show a fundamental mark of respect to the audience, each and every time. Included in the content are a number of humorous quotations in keeping with the book’s general themes, one or two of the author’s song writing efforts, some poems and one or two stories for some additional colour.

Life Interrupted

by Frederick Z. Korb

Published: 29/10/2019

ISBN: 978-0-6481075-5-2

This is an autobiographical story written by Zbigniew Frederick Korb. It is a good illustration of how outside forces, over which we have absolutely no control, shape our lives. The book describes his life when he was a 9 yr old boy during the Russian Revolution living on his Father’ property near the town of Bar in what is now Ukraine. At the end of First World War the family settled in newly independent Poland. He describes his years at school, then college in Warsaw, work as a teacher, further study and marriage. At the outbreak of the Second World War, when Poland was invaded by Germany from the west and Russia from the east, the family was caught on the Russian side of the border and were sent to Siberia. After two years there, when Hitler invaded Russia, Stalin allowed an army to form in the south. The family travelled south, where he enlisted and fought with the Polish army under the British command in Italy. His wife and small daughter were sent to a refugee camp. After the war, he was demobbed in England where he was joined by his wife and daughter who spent the war years in East Africa in a Polish refugee settlement. After four years in England the family decided to migrate to Australia. The book also includes the family histories of his wife’s parents.

A Country Boy by Heart

by Arthur McKenzie

Published: 05/09/2019


Arthur McKenzie now lives at the War Vets in Narrabeen. He has been there for the last four years having lost the love of his life, Joy, to cancer six years ago. With the help of his daughter Sharon he found this haven for the over 55’s and hasn’t looked back since. Life took on a new hue. Busy in his workshop along aside his friend Keith he made himself useful again. His life changed once more after meeting Pam and their relationship enhanced both their lives. Being an author Pam suggested Arthur might like to tell his story for his friends and family especially his grandchildren and now great granddaughter. The country boy is certainly now a city boy but his love of country is never far from his mind. Returning to Wingham and the Bulga Plateau recently with Pam the memories of his childhood came flooding back to his time working on the dairy farms and riding his horse to school each day. We hope you enjoy reading his story and realise what a lovely man he is and that there is a lot to learn from his experiences.


by Colin R. Stewart

Published: 23/07/2019


“I must change today for tomorrow I will die.” (from Michael’s speech at his 21st birthday party 2002). These words reveal the awareness of a young man assessing his childhood and youth, and preparing for his adulthood.
Leaving family and schoolfriends in Australia, within a year he was to be married in USA, returning only once to attend his father’s funeral in 2010.
Caring for his wife, and in due course his two sons, Michael sought to learn and provide diligently to the best of his ability. Changing from his lifelong passion for computer work, he retrained as a Registered Nurse desiring to help people and “to make a difference”.
Unfortunately depression reappeared in his life, resulting in family break-up and attempted suicide. Looking forward to happier times with a new love was not able to overcome the darkness, and Michael ended his life in 2018.

Their Vision Our Village

by Colin R.Stewart

Published: 11/07/2019


The History of Glenhaven Green.
Looking for a special place for retirement living? Then the Village of Glenhaven Green will satisfy the above criteria to the full!
Marking the tenth year anniversary in 2018, this book records the establishment and growth of a community of like-minded people in the leafy suburb of Glenhaven, with delightful views of bush and mountains.
Provided by the vision and development of Anglicare (previously Anglican Retirement Villages), a variety of dwelling styles cater for seniors within a caring Christian environment.
Read here about the construction, staff participation, residents’ own stories, plenty of photos depicting a wide range of activities and future concepts.

I have worked with Alex for two books now and I have found him to be very professional and responsive to my requests very promptly. I have enjoyed dealing with him and nothing is too much trouble. He also gives good advice when necessary. I look forward to receiving the delivery of my books before Christmas as promised. Thank you Alex.

“It was a pleasure working with Eric. Everything he said he would do, he did. The production process worked extremely well and I was most impressed with several facets that helped me considerably during production.
Firstly, Eric supplied sample typeface layouts right at the beginning of the process so that I could choose the one I liked.
Secondly, we went through a thorough proofing process until I was completely satisfied that all corrections had been done.
Thirdly, prior to final production, a full mock-up of both soft and hard cover books was supplied so that I could see what the finished book would look like, and knew exactly what I was getting.
Finally, the finished product is a very high quality publication, and one that I am very proud of.”

Love Makes Us Family

by Pam Bayfield

Published: 20/12/2018


It is sixteen years since Pam wrote her autobiography From Ochre to Azure Blue, telling about the first part of her life. She began writing in a diary in 2006 after her mother became ill and given a feeding tube, in a nursing home. To balance her sadness, she began minding her eight-month-old granddaughter, Sofia who brought so much joy into her life. To compound her unhappiness, her husband Garnet died in 2007, followed by her mother six months later. Pam continued her diary, putting down her innermost thoughts and it became cathartic for her.
Sofia was the light of her life at this sad time and so her story for the last 11 years is written in this book. We are introduced to her other four granddaughters along with new partners for her sons. She has now found happiness at the War Vets which she moved into nearly three years ago.
Pam has been a prolific writer, having written 12 books in 20 years. Will this one be her last?

Family of Mary Pitt

by Janelle Cust

Published: 18/08/2018

ISBN: 978-0-6481075-3-8

The essence of a nation’s history is “the chronicle of lives and deeds of those who conferred honour and dignity upon society”. When Mary Pitt and five of her children set foot on the soil of New South Wales, a distant penal colony, they could hardly foresee the remarkable role they and their descendants would play in the history of a new country. Painstakingly researched from thousands of archive records and publications from 1801 to the early 1900s, their lives and deeds are presented in this awe-inspiring book. Although dry and unpolished, it is enriched with the history and culture of the first Australian settlers.